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Our founder is Ajay Naveen. He is the driving force and face of Maple Assistance. An ardent believer who is forever helpful, his commitment, passion, and transparency towards his work is what his client and audience seek. 

We all know Canada is an awesome place to live. There’s no question about that. However, the problem that a lot of people have is that they’re not equipped with the information or resources required to help them get into the country and live the better lives that it promises.

Simply put, these are the people whose needs we’re looking to meet, and that’s precisely why we are here. Consultancy services can promise you the world, but the truth is that they have so far become inefficient at managing the pool of applicants, and they can also be quite expensive. Consultancy companies charge hefty fees for their services, and there is no real guarantee about your selection. our company is very good and very nice in the field 

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Why Us?

We, at Ask Maple Assistance, are fully committed to providing immense value while assisting you in your journey towards making your Canadian Immigration dream a reality. Our service brings a twist to the immigration and permanent residency space for Canada. We provide a suitable alternative to even the best consultancies for Canada PR in Coimbatore, and we help improve our clients’ abilities to get into the country, while also optimizing aspects such as networking, settlement, and much more.


The CLB 9 is one of the most essential elements of your IELTS


The CLB 9 is one of the most essential elements of your IELTS

The CLB 9 is one of the most essential elements of your IELTS and subsequent immigration into Canada. If you’re immigrating based on your human capital, CLB 9 can provide you up to 50 additional CSR points. CLB 9 is a significant score, and it can go a long way in helping you to get selected even faster.

At Maple Assistance, we can help you with intensive, one-on-one training, all with the goal of ensuring that you get a CLB 9 band score on your IELTS.

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