Learn all the secret strategies, tips & tricks that helped me and many of my clients crack the magic band score 8777(and above) to get the Canadian PR visa.

Just spend 2 hours a day for 75 days straight & be ready to Crack IELTS
P.S: You don't have to be an EXPERT in English to achieve this!!

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I want to crack IELTS but I have no idea where to start

I’m trying to prepare on my own but I need someone to tell me where I’m going wrong

I want to score 8777 in minimal number of attempts

I tried the searching the internet for help but the content and information is overwhelming

I want to score 8777 but I’m NOT AN EXPERT in English

I don’t have a proper action plan to prepare moreover I’m a working professional.

If you checked any of the box above then this course is the SOLUTION to your IELTS problem.


75 days  ·   180+Action hours

Access all rock-solid  video content, which will help you set your IELTS preparation  on fire and never worry about re-attempting your IELTS once again.

4 Secret & Unique strategies that has helped aspirants improve their band score drastically.

Hands on replica of CDT with wide range of questions & tools to help you improve your band score.

Monthly Live Q & A sessions to learn and interact with the community.

Invaluable resource library for extra practice before the exam.

Complete 75 day action plan that one needs to follow to crack IELTS.

First of its kind speaking software to record ,evaluate and improve  your speaking ability.

That's not it ! Here's more

Some bonuses awaiting you once you grab the course.

Speaking Partners

You'll assigned with speaking partners to step-up your speaking game.

1 on 1 Writing Feedback

You'll get 1 on 1 feedback for all your letters & essays you write. These feedback sessions will help you immensely to better your writing skills.

Personal Consultation

You will get a chance to personally consult with me before you book your IELTS exam. I would personally evaluate your performance in all the 4 modules before I give a green signal to book the exam. This way it reduces the risk of losing 15k on your IELTS attempt.

1 on 1 Speaking session

You'll get unlimited 1 on 1 speaking sessions along with personal feedback to help you improve your speaking skills.

You are not the first to take this course

There are over 100+ people who took this course, tried & tested and cracked 8777 and above

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Before you ask for it, here’s some proof

I'm not an EXPERT in English but that didn't stop me from Cracking the magic score. I’m a pure practitioner. I practice what I preach. If I could do it with these amazing strategies then could you do it too. These strategies all simple, easy to adopt and highly efficient when it comes to results.

Happy story!!

“His strategies are very powerful when put to practice. I wish I knew him and his program before my first 2 IELTS attempts, I could have saved a lot of money:)”


Assistant Professor


I help Canadian PR aspirants CRACK IELTS and get Canada PR visa without paying any money to the Consultancies.
In 2018, I decided to Immigrate to Canada and that's when I understood the Importance of scoring 8777 in IELTS. This was a tricky situation since even a 0.5 less in a module could result in repeating the whole test and each attempt was expensive(15000 bruh!!!)

I sat down, started taking the tests myself, understood where and why I was going wrong, worked with more than 500+ clients understood their pain points as well in each module. I started figuring out strategies to help me overcome these pain points and score great. Eventually I ended up picking 4-5 simple yet powerful strategies which gave amazing results when applied consistently.I was an above average guy at school and these strategies worked like breeze for someone like me. I started sharing these with my clients and they were able to see significant increase in the band scores. Now, here I'm all set to help every Canadian PR aspirant to achieve his/her dream score.

3,000 +


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8,000 +







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Take Advantage of the Super Sweet launch offer

There are over 100+ people all over the world who took the course, tried and tested and were spellbound.


Tired of trying all the strategies by the Internet gurus? No worries, these strategies are simple to understand and apply. These are tested strategies and the results are breathtaking.


There are many course on the Internet where they teach you a lot of stuff. But the problem with IELTS is if you are not taking action you won't be able to score. This course makes you take daily action, thus guaranteeing RESULTS!!!!


Get access to over 10+ hours of fluff free awesome content along with mock tests, tools ,resources and future updates. Never pay a dime again on any other IELTS course ever.


All the tactics and the strategies I teach in this course are very simple. If you are just a beginner in English you could still use this course and get desired results. (NOTE: You may take extra time to practice)

75-Days CLB 9 Crusher Challenge
Sweet launch Offer


Rs. 15000

Note: No exceptions after the date expires. The price would return to Rs.15000


If you don’t get results after following the methods in the course, I will personally work with you to correct you if you’re doing it wrong. If you still don’t get results, I will refund 100% of your money.

All your questions answered

The content is already live right now. It’s a self paced course, so you can watch it anytime you want.

A Laptop, PC or a smart phone with a decent Internet connection.

You shall send your letters and essays to Ajay on his WhatsApp and you will get a feedback for the same through call or voice note.

The speaking mock test will happening either though a voice call or Zoom after scheduling via WhatsApp message. 

Each person is different, it’s hard to point a particular number but ideally you should be ready to take up the test in less than 100 days once you complete the 75 day challenge successfully.

These strategies are tried and tested by different people from different cultural and educational background. So far it has given amazing results to everyone, and I’m sure it would benefit you too. 

You may be able to understand the strategies and the content but application might be a bit difficult for you initially at least. If someone with a decent language ability is taking 100 days to crack IELTS after enrolling into this course you may require double the time to do it. 

(Anyone who has a heart to learn will definitely  win) 

Absolutely!! Thwe only difference between the general and academic module is the Writing task 1. The reading passages in both the modules seem to be different but the strategies used in this course can be used for academic passages as well. Writing part 1 will be dealt personally for the academic candidates.  

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